Learning new life skills can be difficult, but it can also be rewarding and an incredible journey.

This couple had no experience building a house but went all in to have their version of a humble abode in New Zealand.

They started from scratch.

Claire and Tim built their own tiny house on wheels.

They poured in many years of planning and eventually made it happen.

Tim’s tall and was unenthused by tiny dwellings.

But when the couple visited a friend’s tiny home, Tim realized that it was an incredible space to live in.

Inspired by their friend’s house, they decided on planning their own home. They took a DIY approach.

It was difficult at first.

Good thing there were some friends who lend their helping hands.

The property is located overlooking the beach. They also have their own garden to plant their fruits and vegetables.

To make the house sturdy, they put metal frames as the foundation.

They requested a steel manufacturer to make the frames.

6 panels were made.

Just like building blocks, they were placed one to another.

They’ve got outdoor waterworks. The shower, hot tub, and washing area are also situated outside.

With a great view outside, placing the shower and hot tub separate from the house is truly a great way to enjoy the scenery.

They just wanted subtle colors, so a black and green combination was chosen.

But wait until you see the interior.

The couple chose an earth motif, thus the bare wood walls and ceiling. Accentuated with plants all over.

The living space is situated on the left upon entering the house, while the kitchen is on the right.

Some of the wood used is recycled timber.

There are lots of storage spaces and some of them also serve as the first few steps going to their loft.

The couple has a huge lounge for a tiny home. A great place to hang out with friends.

The Kitchen’s countertop is made of hardwood and locally sourced.

Even with a tiny house, the space within the kitchen and living quarters is strategically planned to accommodate a tall person.

Even with a shower and tub outside, they still have a bathroom at the far end of the house, beside the kitchen.

The planning on the spacing and placing of the interior made all the difference.

They have a decent-sized shower area inside the bathroom, as well as a composting toilet and a sink.

Off we go to the lofts.

The loft is separated into two.

The one above the living area is for their guest bed space, and the one above the kitchen is their own.

In the guest bed space, they accentuated it with bookshelves, and sometimes they love to just use it to hang out and have their own personal space from time to time.

The horizontal window is placed with a stunning view of the ocean.

All in all, the tiny house looks great and was made based on what they envisioned their place would be.

Take the full, breathtaking tour of this tiny humble abode in the video below!

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