Ask any parent out there and they’ll more than likely tell you that there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for their child.

The day we become a mother or father, our lives change in the most indescribable ways. We accept that we will spend the rest of our time on this earth caring for, cherishing, and worrying about the new life that we have given unto the world.

And yet, sadly, there are some things that no parent can prevent. Accidents and illness are as much a part of human life as joy and celebration are, and each year far too many children find themselves suffering from situations and ailments that are wholly out of their control.

Alina and Aaron Edwards’ world was changed the day they learned that their nine-year-old daughter, Emma, had been diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Though obviously heartbroken, they desperately clung to the hope that she could beat cancer, only to be dealt a devastating blow when doctors told them after a few months that there was nothing further they could do to save Emma’s life.

Emma’s distraught parents decided they would do all they could to fulfill their daughter’s wishes with the time they had left.

Now, it should go without saying that vast majority of children might want the chance to meet a celebrity hero in such circumstances, perhaps take a trip to Disneyland or accompany their favorite athlete as they walk out onto the field.Emma’s wish, however, was something quite different. She asked to be able to marry her boyfriend, DJ, also just ten years old.

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Before long, Emma’s cause had attracted a lot of attention in her local community. The collection of volunteers and well-wishers adopted the name “Emma’s Army”, as well as the goal to make this little girl’s dreams come true before her time came.

Eventually, the Make-A-Wish Foundation stepped in to help Emma’s family raise funds. Emma’s mom Alina explained: “Most kids want to go to Disneyland, but Emma wanted to get married, be a wife, and have three kids.”

Indeed, as per reports, the “wedding” wasn’t the first time Emma and DJ had tried to marry one another. The two youngsters had tried to have a wedding in school when they were aged eight, and even selected their respective bridesmaids and groomsmen from among their classmates. Unfortunately for Emma and DJ, however, their teacher wouldn’t permit the wedding, irrespective of how unofficial it was.

Their second attempt at a wedding, though, had the consent of their parents and the backing of any number of kind-hearted individuals determined to see that Emma got to live out her special day.

“We threw it together in less than two days, everything ended up being donated. It was so precious, and it came together so well,” Alina revealed.

Credit: YouTube / – Cheer Extreme

When the big event rolled around, it was captured on video, with interviews from some of the attendees, including the groom, DJ.

“I thought she was the most beautiful person I ever saw. Ever since I loved her,” DJ said.

Alina, meanwhile, was full of praise for her daughter’s sweet, young boyfriend. She wrote an emotional post on Facebook that read:

“DJ has been Emma’s “Boo bear” since 3rd grade, and let me tell you, seeing these babies together will melt your heart. DJ protects her and helps her, and makes her heart soar. She loves him. And I know he loves her too! He has stood beside her through all her ups and downs and kept her smiling the whole time. DJ will forever be family.”

Credit: YouTube / – Cheer Extreme

It was on June 29 that Emma’s big day became a reality, with Emma arriving at the venue in a wheelchair pushed by her parents. She donned a beautiful purple dress for the occasion, and beamed as her father escorted her down the aisle.

Emma and DJ exchanged rings and vows, with DJ giving his bride a kiss to complete the ceremony.

Following the wedding, Emma retured to her bed to rest, but her happiness at experiencing her special day was evident to all.

A few weeks later, on July 11, 2023 little Emma passed away after her battle.

Emma’s obituary read: “Emma Brooks Edwards entered heaven and into the loving arms of her Great-grandma Frannie Annie on July 11, 2023, surrounded by those that love her most. Emma was 10 years old and battled “The imposter”, Leukemia, for 16 mos. Emma, our little unicorn, was born April 22, 2013, to adoring parents and three older siblings, completing the Edwards family. She loved arts and crafts, practical jokes, her family and friends, Jesus, and her newlywed “husband,” DJ. Emma was a light to all who loved her and an inspiration to all she met. She was absolutely the best daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece, cousin, aunt, “wife,” lol, and friend. Her legacy is one of strength, humor, and limitless love for all people.”

Rest in peace, Emma. Such a beautiful young girl taken far too soon.

Please join us sending prayers and thoughts for all the people in the world who have suffered from or are suffering with cancer.