Bryan Adams suffered a scary moment while performing in Utah earlier this month, as part of a worrying new trend that sees fans targeting singers on stage.

Adams, 63, had been performing his hit song ‘Summer of ’69‘ in Salt Lake City when he encountered an unexpected turn of events as a fan took the stage and grabbed the microphone.

The intruder confidently sang: “Bought it at the five and dime,” much to Adams’ amusement. However, security personnel quickly intervened and escorted the man off-stage, allowing Adams to resume singing, flawlessly delivering the iconic line: “Was the summer of ’69.”

Adams humorously shared the incident on his Instagram, poking fun at the bizarre occurrence with the caption: “Sometimes you just gotta laugh… #stagecrasher #summerof69.”

Fans of the Canadian rocker took to the comments section to praise his reaction, with one user writing: “I was there! What a crazy moment! Ya gotta admire Bryan’s professionalism. He just stepped back, let the crazy be crazy, let the professionals do their job, and continued like NOTHING had happened.”

Credit / Instagram – Bryan Adams.

“I love everything about this. The stage crasher daring to jump up and get his 5 mins of fame. The look of panic on the security guards’ faces. You seamlessly stepping forward and singing the next line like it didn’t happen. Pat cracking up in the background. Absolute gold,” a further netizen added.

Credit / Instagram – Bryan Adams.

Currently touring with Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Adams is set to head to Phoenix for his next performance.

Unfortunately, this recent on stage incident is not an isolated one, as numerous other artists have faced challenging situations caused by some concertgoers’ bold decisions.

In recent times, performers like Harry Styles, Kelsea Ballerini, Pink, and even Bebe Rexha have been targeted with fan-thrown objects during their shows.

In New York, Bebe Rexha was hit in the face with a cellphone, resulting in the arrest of the perpetrator and requiring her to get stitches. Pink received an unusual gift – a bag of human ashes – during the British Summer Time’s Hyde Park Festival in London. Harry Styles, while performing in Vienna, was struck in the eye by an unknown object.

Similarly, Kelsea Ballerini was hit in the eye by a bracelet while singing ‘If You Go Down‘ at her concert, prompting her to briefly leave the stage with the assistance of one of her band members.

Taylor Swift also faced a situation where fans threw bracelets at her while she was walking backstage, leading to her security team trying to manage the disturbance.

Such incidents highlight the need for increased awareness and respect for artists’ safety and boundaries during live performances. Though, Adams has clearly taken his recent incident in his stride.