This man from Kamenica, Kosovo, went above and beyond to save another life.

He heard cries of help among the reeds, and it sounded like an animal in distress. And he couldn’t just ignore it.

The water was filthy and filled with trash, but this didn’t stop the man from doing what he was about to do.

He stepped into the murky lake only to realize it was deeper than he thought.

It was already knee-deep when submerged, but he still couldn’t get into the trapped bird.

He went further into the lake and had to swim to the reeds despite all the trash floating around.

This man is very determined to save the poor bird.

Finally, he got the heron on his hand, but the way back to dry land was also tricky.

He was struggling to keep his head above water while ensuring the safety of the trapped heron.

But the man’s sheer determination won over the predicament he had undertaken. The rest of the bird’s rescue team arrived in time before she could be in any more harm.

That’s when they saw what caused the heron to get stuck among the reeds.

She attempted to fly away from the bushes when her talons got caught in a nylon fishing line that someone must have thrown in the water.

This could have seriously injured the bird or drowned her if she had been left in that water for too long.

The rest of the rescue team did their best to help the heron.

One of them took a pocket knife and slowly cut the fishing line one loop at a time.

They tried to pet her head as they tried to free her from the nylon string, and she seemed to know that the men were there to help her since she stayed calm throughout the process.

They finally set her free, and the heron happily flew to the horizon.

The men who rescued her were delighted to see they helped a life that day.

They exchanged high fives, and you could hear them clap and cheer for each other for that successful rescue that day.

This circumstance should be a lesson to everyone on taking care of nature.

The heron wouldn’t have been caught in that situation if people fishing in the area were more responsible for disposing of their trash.

All that trash around would also make one hesitate to swim out and help an animal in need because who knows what bacteria you would get from the water that could cause more severe disease.

But we’re glad the heron and the hero were safe after that.

Thanks to kindhearted individuals who value life in all forms and sizes, that bird was saved from peril and could fly free again.

As others would say, unless we know how to listen to the cries of the animals around us, we’ll never understand our role in nature, which is to save those who need us.

Watch the heroic rescue of this man from Kosovo in the video below.

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