One year after an Oklahoma woman died, her last wish came true after a complete stranger walked away from Resthaven Funeral Home, Cemetery & Cremation with a 2016 Volkswagen Beetle.

Diane Sweeney’s final request was a bit of an odd one, though to her family it was just like her to do something so insane. Sweeney, who died suddenly at 68, wanted her beloved VW Beetle raffled off to someone who attended her funeral.

The best part was, it didn’t matter if you knew her or not. Everyone was encouraged to attend.

The decision to give away her car wasn’t a rash decision. According to her niece, Sweeney had been talking about her unique dying wish for years.

“She had actually talked about it for many years. ‘When I pass away, I’d like you to raffle up my car at the funeral, must be present to win.’ Of course, lawyers tell us we can’t do that, but we are making do. We’re happy to see that her wishes are being fulfilled,” Suzanne Singleterry told KFOR.

Diane Sweeney’s last wish

But giving away a car, especially to a complete stranger, is a lot harder than it sounds.

“When the estate settles, at which point we’ll sign over the title, should anything come in the way, I will personally buy a like item, make, year and model and we will see her wish through 100%,” said Ricky Ingram, Sweeney’s nephew said.

Luckily, after more than a year Sweeney’s estate was settled, and her family was able to pull the name of the person to receive the VW Beetle.

Winner of Diane Sweeney’s VW Beetle

A name was drawn on September 25, and Sweeney’s family contacted the lucky winner to deliver the good news.

The winner, Gabriella Bonham, 16, was stunned.

“This is crazy! Thank you guys so much!” she said. “I have a hand-me-down car that has some issues, and we were trying to figure out ways that I could get a new car. So, it was just, an answer to prayers,” Bonham said.

While Sweeney may be gone, her family is glad to see her spirit will continue to live on.

“I’m excited for Aunt Diane’s memory to live on this way,” Singleterry said.

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