Everyone remembers Tori Spelling from her 90210 days. Her life seemed to be just as glamorous off the screen as it was on it with her millionaire television producer father. But lately, it seems the actress has been struggling.

Keep reading to learn more about what sent Tori Spelling rushing to urgent care with her children…

Tori Spelling is very transparent on social media about what goes on in her life. In some of her latest posts, the actress has talked about the ordeal her family is recently going through.


She posted on Wednesday this week about rushing her youngest two children to urgent care after they had fallen sick. She described this period as a “continual spiral of sickness” for her family.

The culprit behind all of their health woes? Mold. The actress shared how mold was found inside the home they were renting and ended up making everyone sick. “Here we are again at Urgent Care. We’ve all been on this continual spiral of sickness for months. Sick. Get better. To get sick again. Used to think… well that’s what happens when you have young kids in school. They just continually bring sicknesses home. But, when it gets to the point where they are at home sick more than being in school we had to reassess what was going on. Kids will be kids but when you have your youngest (10 and 6) so sick they are sleeping all day and say they feel dizzy even standing I knew something bigger was going on,” Spelling wrote.


After the mold was found in their home during an inspection, Spelling said things started making more sense. She finally found the reason why her family had been falling sick so often. She detailed symptoms they had been facing which seemed to be allergy-like in nature. Her children would feel dizzy even standing up, the distressed mother shared.

“Thx to Sean at Pacific Scope Inspections who came out and discovered extreme mold in our home. The pieces all started to fall into place. Has anyone ever been thru Mold Infections? You just keep getting sick, one infection after another. Respiratory infections. Extreme allergy-like symptoms too and like my poor Finn skin rashes as well. As we sit here today in Urgent Care … watching everyone getting swabbed and first up Finn with Strep throat and high fever of 103,” she shared further.


The reality television star lamented how the mold problem had grown and taken over their lives. She said the home they had been renting was a health hazard and hence they would have to move somewhere else. “We now know that when the house was labeled a health hazard and not liveable that wording was FACT. We now GET IT! It’s hard to just uproot a huge family, especially in the midst of all feeling so sick and in bed. But, we now will vacate the home asap. Looking for an @airbnb or @vrbo or hotel till we can even grasp what to do,” Spelling shared. “We are just renters so looks like moving is in our imminent future as well. Grateful we have renters insurance. We’d be lost on how to tackle this without it. Has anyone been thru Mold sickness? The deeper dive I do online sadly I see how common this is  #mold #moldinfection.”

In the last few months, the actress had shared how many trips to doctors the family had been making with her daughter Stella being diagnosed with hemiplegic migraine in January after both Liam and Beau were hospitalized for other illnesses that same month.

“3rd child in the hospital in 2 weeks…wtf,” the mother of five shared on her Instagram story in January. She posted the text over a photo of her son Liam who was wearing a hospital bracelet. “This morning at the hospital with our youngest and now tonight at ER with one of our oldest,” the actress had shared.

The actress herself had been hospitalized before the Holidays late last year due to bouts of dizziness and trouble with breathing.

It’s a good thing the family caught the problem early or it could have gotten much worse. We are sending the family our good wishes and hope they feel better soon! Share this with others who might want to know about the Spelling family’s health update.