Chances are that if you live long enough, you’ll learn a thing or two about the world.

The ability to pass down the various wisdoms we acquire to future generations has been vital in the evolution of our species, and even today the world is made a far easier place thanks to knowledge that’s become more widely accessible than ever before.

It’s with that in my mind that we here at Newsner strive to always pass on life-hacks wherever possible. Once upon a time such nifty trips and tricks were often handed down from parent to child, remaining in the family like secrets to be hoarded. Now, though, such information can be shared with literal millions at the click of a button…

So, how many of you carry a potato with you in your car? How many of you maybe have a spouse that does this?

Excuse the rather strange segue, but all will become clear momentarily.

You see, aside from being a vastly versatile food item for centuries, potatoes have other uses that aren’t so nearly well known or advertised.

Credit / Wikimedia Commons

One such use pertains to how they can actually be a life-saving piece of equipment when you and your family are traveling by car. Yes, we know it sounds dramatic, hyperbolic, a tad zealous maybe… but it’s true.

You see, potatoes can come in handy during one of the most frequent and challenging driving conditions of all: a foggy windshield.

We’ve all be there: you’re driving on the highway and your windows begin to fog up, rapidly impairing your visibility and momentarily sending you into a panic as to what’s to be done about it.

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This is where potatoes come in. As per reports, all you need is a raw potato cut in half. Rub the inside of the potato on the windows and windshield of your vehicle so that the natural oils of the vegetable can create a film on the glass that will prevent condensation and fogging.

It should go without saying that driving with reduced visibility is dangerous and should be avoided where possible. If you want a cheap, easy home remedy before a long drive, why not turn to the potato?

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