When people realize their partner is the person they want to spend the rest of their life with, they start planning their next move. For many people, starting a family is their primary aim after marriage.

The couple in today’s story embarked on their parenthood journey, not knowing what fate had in store for them. Six weeks after welcoming their first baby, a life-changing tragedy befell them. It was something they had never seen coming.

After Shannon Sime became close friends with Scott Sime, she knew he was the life partner she had been looking for. In 2012, the Simes moved from the UK to Gold Coast, Australia, intending to build a new life together.

Shannon was a hairdresser who loved helping people. On most Christmases, people saw her donating food to the homeless and cheering up domestic abuse victims by giving them fresh haircuts. Most of her family and friends knew her as a generous woman.

“Shannon is the most amazing person I’ve ever met,” said Scott, who worked as a crane operator. He was head-over-heels in love with his wife, who was more than a best friend to him. She stuck with him through thick and thin and wanted to stay with him forever.

After spending ten years in a new country, the Simes were all set to start a family. On June 22, 2022, they welcomed their first child, Harlow, who meant the world to them. She was the center of their world, and they dreamt of raising her together.

While departing this world, Shannon didn’t miss the chance to change people’s lives.
However, fate had other plans for the Simes. Just when they thought their lives were headed in the right direction, an unfortunate tragedy changed their lives forever. It all began six weeks after Shannon gave birth to her baby girl.

On August 5, 2022, the first-time mother suddenly suffered a stroke. After seeing her condition, Scott immediately called the paramedics, and she was rushed to the hospital in no time.

The doctors ran tests on Shannon and tried their best to resuscitate her, but she wasn’t responding to the treatment. With each passing minute, Scott’s heart raced while he prayed for a miracle. His world came crashing down when the doctors told him Shannon was no more.

After staying in the hospital for three days, Shannon passed away. She was just 29 and had many goals to achieve, but fate had other plans. The young mother and Scott’s best friend wouldn’t be there to spread smiles this Christmas, but she saved lives while dying.

When friends and family heard about Shannon’s sudden death, they were heartbroken. The Simes didn’t have any family in Australia, so they only had a bunch of friends to share their happy and sad moments with. Their friend, Daniel O’Hara, said:

“It’s been extremely tough. We were so close to them but so far away in Adelaide as they were in the Gold Coast.”

O’Hara said Shannon was “loved by everyone she met.” While departing this world, Shannon didn’t miss the chance to change people’s lives. She donated her organs, saving five people’s lives. One of them received her heart when he had only 24 hours to live.

Scott had dreamt of raising his little girl with Shannon. He wanted to clap for his daughter when she would take her first step and cheer for her on her first day of school while having Shannon standing by his side.

However, her sudden death shook him to the core. Shannon didn’t have any health complications before the stroke. She seemed fit until the day she collapsed. Scott was glad he had spent the past few years with his amazing wife. He said:

“She’s made this world a much better place, and it comforts me in knowing how many positive impacts she’s had on people’s lives from every corner of the globe.”

Scott wrote a heartfelt Facebook post for his beloved wife, mentioning that he felt happy Shannon chose to “do life” with him. He also promised to raise Harlow how Shannon wanted and appreciated his wife’s selfless efforts to make others smile.

Meanwhile, O’Hara praised his friend for bravely handling the situation while he struggled with fatherhood. Scott had to take time off from work to look after his daughter. O’Hara said:

“But he’s incredibly strong. I couldn’t imagine having to organize a funeral for my wife at 29, but Scott did it, and basically all by himself.”

To support his friend financially, O’Hara set up a GoFundMe page for Scott and his little girl. Since Scott had to look after his daughter full-time, it would be difficult for him to make ends meet.

Through the fundraiser, they collected more than $28,000. Whoever heard about Shannon’s demise was at a loss for words. No one had expected her to leave her husband at such a tender age.